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Ballet of Unhatched Chicks StoryBoard

This film will be projected in this new concert hall which is designed by Frank Gehry at the end of Jan 2011.
This concert hall is designed for the performance combining music and film, like Fantasia. Here is a detail clip about the building.

GIFT Character development


GIFT (2010)

May 2010 - Production 1 (the 2nd semester class in animation MFA) 2D animation on paper + 3D background reference Running time- 2min 30 sec
Crew Story- Shaun (seong-young) Kim, So-young Yuck Storyboard & Animation- Shaun (seong-young) Kim Character Development- Shaun(seong-young) Kim, Do-young Kim Colorist- Shaun (seong-young) Kim, So-young Yuck Sound design and editting- Shaun (seong-young) Kim Music- Zach Lemmon Sound Engineer- Bethny
Awards & Screening 2010 the 16th Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival: Screening 2010 the 7th Annual Bendfilm Festival: Screening 2010 the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival: Screening 2010 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood: Merit Award 2010 The 6th LA International Children Film Fest-Official Selection 2010 Carmel Art and Film Festival - Official Selection 2010 LUFF - Official Selection http://www.l…