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HU's Game

Hu's Game trailer from Shaun SeongYoung Kim on Vimeo.

HU's Game(2012)
7min 33sec
USC Cinematic Arts MFA'12 Thesis project

Directed by Shaun Seong-young Kim
Story & Storyboard/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Character & BG Design/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Character Modeling/ Do-young Kim Additional Character Modeling/ Shaun Seong-young Kim BG Modeling/ Sung-ho Lee Additional BG Modeling/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Character Texture/ So-young Yuck BG Texture/ Sung-ho Lee Animation/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Additional Animation/ So-young Yuck&Minseok Jeon Character Rigging/ Kevin Zheng Layout/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Lighting&Rendering/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Copositing&Effect/ Shaun Seong-young Kim Ending Title Sequence/ Simon Wilches Castro Music/ Zach Lemmon Sound Design/ Jin-hae Park Sound Coordinator/ Bethany Sparks Sound Mixing/ Christophe Nassif Voice over HU/ Daniel Thornton DOY/ Andrew Patterson MIKS Bros/Jay Kim SOYO/ Ruka Felicity Nagashima Faculty Advisors/ Kathy Smith, Michael Patterson, &…


I got a job offer from Pixar a few days ago!
I'm so excited to start to working for Pixar from next month!!


My thesis is almost done!