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BG texture is coming along

Test Render with simple physical sky in Mentalray

Thumbnails for animation

Sometimes drawing thumbnail is useful, yet sometimes not.
However, it's very obvious drawing these kinds of things helps me a lot to solidify clear movement in my head.

Piano Carnival CD project

'Ballet of Unhatched Chicks' will be a part of this educational project for kids.
Here is a link for details.
Watch a promotion video

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival

"Ballet of Unhatched Chicks" will be screened as a part of this festival at Roys and Edna Disney Calarts Theater on May 5 & 6 and May 12 & 13!

Visualize the classic music with New World Symphony

Read the articles

New World Symphony created new section on their website to explain gorgeous visual+music projects in past year. Most of the images are from the project I involved in as a section director.

HU in happy dream


Clermont-Ferrand International Film Market

'Ballet of Unhatched Chick' is now on Clermont-Ferrand International Film Market!