Ballet of Unhatched Chicks (2011)

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks from Shaun SeongYoung Kim on Vimeo.

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks (2011)

Director:: Shaun Seong-young. Kim
Design & Color:: Shaun Seong-young. Kim
Character Modeling:: Do-young . Kim
BG modeling:: Shaun Seong-young. Kim
Texture:: So-young. Youck
Animation:: Shaun Seong-young. Kim
Lighting, Rendering, and Compositing:: Shaun Seong-young. Kim
Music:: Mussorgsky's Ballet of Unhatched Chicks - performed by New World Symphony
Faculty Advisers- Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger 

Award, Screening, and Exhibition

2011 Frank Gehry's New World Center Opening Gala Show in Miami conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas
2011 Ourense International Film Festival (OUFF) - in competition
2011 Cambridge International Student Film Festival - Final Nomination
2011 College Television Awards - Finalist
2011 San Francisco Bay Area International Children Film Festival - Invitation
2011 the Citrus Cell Animation Festival - Official Selection
2011 Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) Invitation
2011 Friday Short Film Theater - Seoul Art Center - Screening 
2011  3rd annual Claremont 5 Second Film Festival - Official Selection
2011 the 34 th Asian American International Film Festival - Official selection for competition
2011 Los Angeles Movie Awards - Honorable Mention
2011 Siggraph in Vancouver - Official Selection
2011 Magma Short Film Festival- Official Selection
2011 Supertoon Festival - Official Selection
2011 Frozen Film Festival - Official Selection
2011 ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival- Official Selection
2011 Varna World Festival of Animated Film - Screening
2011 Animania International Animation Festival - Screening
2011 Seoul Extreme Short Film Festival - Official Competition Selection
2011 Croq' Anime(France) - Official Selection
2011 Anifest ROZAFA(Albania) - Official Selection
2011 Burbank International Film Festival - Official Selection
2011 Boston Asian American Film Festival- Invitation
2011 CIVICAN- Animatic(Sapin) - Invitation
2011 New Zealand International Film Festival
2011 Chicago International Children Film Festival - Official Selection
2012 Children's Film Festival in Seattle - Official Selection
2012 Little Big Shots in Melbourne - Invitation
2012 A World of Shorts at NFBC - Invitation
2012 Toronto International Film Festival - Invitation
2012 0110 International Digital Film festival in India - Invitation
2012 Tumbleweeds Film Festival - Invitation
2012 Escape Studios Competition - Finalist
2012 Sarasota Film Festival - Invitation
2012 The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival - Invitation 
2012 The 14th Very Short International Film Festival- Invitation
2012 Super-Short Competition- Official Selection
2012 REDCAT International Children's Film Festival - Screening
2012 Honolulu Museum of Art - Screening
2012 Newport Beach Festival USC Showcase - Invitation 
2012 Tiburon International Film Festival - Official Selection
2012 IVY Film Festival at Brown University- Finalist 
2012 Madimation in Spain - Official Selection
2012 Maui Film Festival - Invitation
2012  Múmia Animation Festival in Belo Horizonte - Invitation
2012 Festival FILMETS - Official Selection 
2012 Topanga Film Festival- Invitation
2012 Cinema Circus - Official Selection
2012 Asia Society Texas Center in Houston - Invitation
2012 ANDkids World Film Festival at Notre Dame University - Invitation
2012 Asheville International Children's Film Festival - Invitation
2013 Ascona Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 RiverRun International Film Festival- Invitation
2013 BAD BILBAO- Invitation


Extra Activities

Bay Area K Group- Vice President Instructor
2006 문화부 장관상 수상
2011 Siggraph Animation Theatre
2011 Toronto International Film Festival
New World Center Opening Gala Show - Section Director
College Television Awards - Finalist
Hiroshima International Animation Festival - Star of Students
2017 University of Southern California- Seminar
2016 Conference 51 in SF - Speaker
ㅍㅍㅅㅅ, CGLand, Naver - MIKA 인터뷰 시리즈 기고
MBN 2016년 11월 방영 - Hu's Game
2016 중앙대, 홍익대 특강
2016 Alfred Image Works, Locus, Olive Studios, Kyring, Digital Idea 특강
한국 컨텐츠 진흥원 특파원
'Feel the force' Indi-mobile game - Art Director
Gallery Rhee Group Exhibition
SBS 애니갤러리 상영 - Dirty Popin & Ballet of Unhatched Chicks
2014 이화 여자 대학교, 중앙 대학교 특강
EBS 애니토피아 98회 - Dirty Popin & Ice Cream 상영
2014 Children's book illustration exhibition at Danville Art Gallery - Screening Curator
National Gallery of Art Screening (국립 예술 박물관 상영)
Sydney Opera House Screening (시드니 오페라 하우스 상영)