HU's Game

Hu's Game trailer from Shaun SeongYoung Kim on Vimeo.

HU's Game(2012)
7min 33sec
USC Cinematic Arts MFA'12 Thesis project

Directed by Shaun Seong-young Kim

Story & Storyboard/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Character & BG Design/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Character Modeling/ Do-young Kim
Additional Character Modeling/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
BG Modeling/ Sung-ho Lee
Additional BG Modeling/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Character Texture/ So-young Yuck
BG Texture/ Sung-ho Lee
Animation/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Additional Animation/ So-young Yuck&Minseok Jeon
Character Rigging/ Kevin Zheng
Layout/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Lighting&Rendering/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Copositing&Effect/ Shaun Seong-young Kim
Ending Title Sequence/ Simon Wilches Castro
Music/ Zach Lemmon
Sound Design/ Jin-hae Park
Sound Coordinator/ Bethany Sparks
Sound Mixing/ Christophe Nassif
Voice over
HU/ Daniel Thornton
DOY/ Andrew Patterson
MIKS Bros/Jay Kim
SOYO/ Ruka Felicity Nagashima
Faculty Advisors/ Kathy Smith, Michael Patterson, & Eric Hanson
Copyright/2012 University Southern California All Right Reserved

Screening, Invitation & Awards
2012 Indie-AniFest - Invitation
2012 Warsaw Film Festival in Poland - Invitation 
2012 International Student Film Festival Hollywood- Grand Jury Award
2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Semi-Finalist
2012 PISAF - Official Selection
2012 Great Wall of Oakland - Screening
2012 World Kids Film Festival - Official Selection
2012 Mosaic Film Experience - Screening
2012 15 Minutes of Fame - Official Selection
2012 Aniwow in China- Official Selection
2013 Dieciminuti Film Festival in Italy - Official Selection
2013 Asians On Film - Official Selection
2013 Adobe First Frame - Screening
2013 Tehran International Animation Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 Ascona Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival - Invitation
2013 SKEPTO International Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 Newport Beach Film Festival- Official Selection
2013 CITRUS CEL International Animation Festival- Official Selection
2013 Nashville Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 College Television Awards(Student Emmy)- Finalist
2013 36th Asian American International Film Festival- Official Selection
2013 Honolulu Film Awards- Gold Kahuna Award
2013 53th ZLIN Film Festival in Czech - Official Selection
2013 British Animation Film Festival - Finalist!british-animation-film-festival/cav0
2013 Treasure Coast International Film Festival - Official Selection
2013 Segerstrom center for arts - Invitation


Extra Activities

Bay Area K Group- Vice President Instructor
2006 문화부 장관상 수상
2011 Siggraph Animation Theatre
2011 Toronto International Film Festival
New World Center Opening Gala Show - Section Director
College Television Awards - Finalist
Hiroshima International Animation Festival - Star of Students
2017 University of Southern California- Seminar
2016 Conference 51 in SF - Speaker
ㅍㅍㅅㅅ, CGLand, Naver - MIKA 인터뷰 시리즈 기고
MBN 2016년 11월 방영 - Hu's Game
2016 중앙대, 홍익대 특강
2016 Alfred Image Works, Locus, Olive Studios, Kyring, Digital Idea 특강
한국 컨텐츠 진흥원 특파원
'Feel the force' Indi-mobile game - Art Director
Gallery Rhee Group Exhibition
SBS 애니갤러리 상영 - Dirty Popin & Ballet of Unhatched Chicks
2014 이화 여자 대학교, 중앙 대학교 특강
EBS 애니토피아 98회 - Dirty Popin & Ice Cream 상영
2014 Children's book illustration exhibition at Danville Art Gallery - Screening Curator
National Gallery of Art Screening (국립 예술 박물관 상영)
Sydney Opera House Screening (시드니 오페라 하우스 상영)