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Grand Jury Award!

My thesis film, HU's Game, won Grand Jury Award from International Student Film Festival Hollywood!
I think I could get  an award because it's student film festival, but still this kind of awards always encourage me to keep creating a new film.
International Student Film Festival Hollywood 

Kangmin Kim & Seulhwa

This amazing cutout stopmotion film is from Kangmin Kim who graduated from CalArts Experimental program.
Kangmin's distinctive design and editing style stands out from traditional short films. Also, he mixed different mediums such as bleaching 35mm film and paint on glass for effects to make more dreamy and artistic atmosphere. His partner, at the same time his wife, Seul-wha, also involved in for design and fabrication for puppet and sets. She majored print art, so you can definitely feel very colorful and sophisticated textures and details on both character and background.

Here is a link of two amazing couple's website.  

영국의 탑 디자인 회사 탠저린 공동 대표

-못가본 길에 대해 변수를 계산하지말고 마음이 동하면 일단 도전해봐라. 보이지 않은 두려움때문에 시도 조차 하지않는것보다는 일단 부딪치면 방법이 생긴다.

-세상엔 너무나 잘  못된 디자인이 많다. 잘못된 디자인으로 인해 제조사는 큰 피해를 입고 중소기업들은 거의 존폐의 위기까지 맞이한다. 디자이너의 업은 새로운 디자인을 찾기보단 세상의 나쁜디자인을 줄여나가는 것이다.

이돈태에 관한 기사글

I like these quotes from inspiring film makers!

Some more old farmer design






Erick Oh

Erick is my co-worker at Pixar as well as a close friend  who can share creative ideas each other.
'Heart' which is an Erick's thesis film is released on online recently. Here are the abstract and unique style of films created by Erick Oh.
HEART from Erick Oh on Vimeo.
Heart 2010
Way Home from Erick Oh on Vimeo.
Way home
SYMPHONY from Erick Oh on Vimeo.
Symphony - this is my favorite one